Family Aggression

Has your dog growled, snapped or bitten a member of your home? Have you heard that growl when you try to take the dog off the bed? Has your dog actually snapped at one of the children, you or maybe even another dog? There is hope....we can help solve this problem and bring back harmony to your home and family.

Aggression in the home has become what I call an epidemic. We are seeing many more incidents of this dangerous behavior. We receive calls on a daily basis from dog owners, as well as several referals a month from veterinarians that have clients with similar aggression problems.

The GOOD news is that Canine Behavior Specialists has developed a program that has shown to be 95% effective for solving aggression in the home with the human members of the family as well as other dogs in the house.

Don't wait any longer....solve this dangerous problem today!


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