Aggressive Dog Program

Do you have a dog that is showing any of the following behavior?

Fear aggression

Territorial aggression

Protective aggression

Dog on dog aggression

Food aggression

Possessive aggression

Aggression with children

Aggression in the home with family members and family dogs – very common


If your dog is showing one or more of these different types of aggression we can help. Dog aggression has become an epidemic. Each year we are seeing more and more dogs that are showing aggression and more and more dog owners that are looking for help and a way to help their dogs.

Rehabilitation is a two step program that involves training as well as behavior modification. We come into your home to teach you how to rehabilitate your dog so that you can have a dog you can live with and enjoy again.

You may have been told that not every dog can be rehabilitated and that is a true statement however Canine Behavior Specialists has been able to help a very large percentage of dogs become the friendly loving dog you used to know.

Most dogs are able to be rehabilitaed with a 4 lesson program in your home. You will be working with your dog on a daily basis to accomplish the training and behavior modification.



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